So from my last blog post you’d know that I needed 2 different costumes for Halloween, my first outfit being a mermaid. Well if you hadn’t guessed already I went to this event as a spider. Charlotte’s Web is rather fitting!

Again being a student, I didn’t just want to buy a whole new costume so made do with what I had. I bought this top for a night out not long ago but defiantly had in the back of my mind all the uses it would have for Halloween. It was perfect for a spider but you could defiantly do many other looks with it! I found some shorts I brought a while back which still had the tag in and thought these will do and with the top it actually looked like a playsuit. The only thing I did buy especially for the occasion was the spider tights which weren’t an expense at all and really made the outfit.

As well as this, Elana did the most amazing make up for me! She opted to do a dark eye look with winged eyeliner and then also did the spider web. She basically just used a eyeliner pencil to do a rough outline and then went for it with a gel eyeliner. With a bit of blending and adding some eyeshadow it created quite an impressive web! Nat was also v helpful and did some fab curls in my hair which I loved!

Apart from burning my hair on a candle whilst carving a pumpkin (lol), This year has been one of the best Halloween’s ever! Bring on Halloween 2017!





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