This weekend I went to a beautiful wedding reception at Bradbourne House. It was honestly such a lovely evening and I’m so happy I was involved in Geoff & Helen’s amazing celebrations.

Although, I can’t tell you how much I stressed to find an outfit. As I said in my Missguided post, I went to the new Missguided store in Westfield and much to my amazement I actually found a dress! Very rarely do I go for dresses, I’m more of a playsuit/ jumpsuit kinda girl but for a wedding reception I wanted to look a bit more formal. What I really loved about the shop was that I could actually find a small size which fitted well for once and wasn’t too figure hugging (something I hate because it just doesn’t flatter me at all). This was also helped by the very lovely lace. The other part I really liked was the neckline which is always something I’m very cautious off because I have such broad shoulders and the wrong neckline can make me look awful! I actually wanted this dress in the burgundy colour, a perfect colour for this time of year but it unfortunately didn’t have my size so I settled for the navy. I also added my gold choker to make the outfit look a little more glam.

I originally wanted the heels that Niomi showed in her blog post  but as I couldn’t actually get my hands on them I thought I would just stick with my classic black court shoes (you can’t go wrong) especially as the shoes were fairly expensive. I put on my new Zara knit hooded blazer that I got in the Black Friday sale and of course had my trusty little black bag  and I was ready to go!

Although I didn’t have much time to get an outfit together I’m happy with what I went with and hopefully this may give a bit of inspiration.

Congratulations again to Geoff & Helen!



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