Last Saturday I arrived home from an unforgettable trip with my family and best friend’s family. After going on an amazing holiday with each other to Florida in October 2015, we wanted to do it all over again! This time going to Miami as well as Orlando.


As flights were fully booked to Orlando we had to split our trip a bit differently so flew into Miami for 2 days then drove to Orlando for 9 and back to Miami for 3. Bit all over the place but it was actually a nice way of doing it!

Despite turning up to our hotel and our booking being non existent it was a good experience staying in the famous hotel Fontainebleau. They’d be several different Lamborghinis parked outside every day! It’s got a very luxurious reputation and it’s well known amongst the celebs!

Whilst being in Miami we did a lot of trips including the Everglades, an open bus tour and a boat trip along Millionaire’s Row. All of these I would recommend, I loved them!

Eating along Ocean Drive was an experience, definitely be on guard as the restaurants will con you as we found out!

Out of all the places I’ve ever visited Miami has got to be the best place to people watch. Have you ever seen a lemur in a nappy and jeans in a basket on a bike?! IMG_4685.JPG

The beaches did not disappoint one bit! I’m so glad we got to walk along and dip our toes in the blue water! That was one of my favourite parts.

Miami was definitely a unique experience for us. It’s got a buzzing atmosphere but I think we would have been able to do it all in a few days! Saying that, I’m so fortunate I got to visit such a fun place!


Take a look at the video I made:

Camera I used: Olympus Pen E-PL8

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