When we first booked this holiday my mum said something she really wanted to see was the Florida Keys. I had absolutely no idea what it was but I can tell you now it is worth the very long drive.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 15.12.10.png

Overall our car journey was a total of 9 hours. I didn’t really know what to expect but let me tell you the views are insane. To drive over the famous 7 mile bridge and be surrounded just by sea is so beautiful. Essentially it is about 3 and a half hours of just bridge and sea but between the 7 of us in 1 car we kept ourselves amused.

If you are going to do that drive you have to do the whole thing and make it to the town of Key West. It’s the southernmost tip of Florida and is such a lovely place. I really wasn’t expecting much after such a long drive but there’s something about it that I just loved!

We managed to find a lovely spot at the harbour where we bought ourselves some ice creams and went to the edge to see all the fish and yachts. We were casually standing there and then all of a sudden a manatee swum right past us. Honestly it made my day! You can watch it at 4:04 in the video I made:

We had to leave after only about 20 minutes of being there to do the drive back but we found a little beach literally just before the 7 mile bridge started on the right where you could park and just watch the world go by. It was one of my favourite little hideaways that I’ve ever been too.

The pictures you see of it are beautiful but it really is a place you have to see in person! I would love to have spent a few days in Key West!



Camera I used: Olympus Pen E-Pl8

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