This Halloween, I was extremely disorganised and had to pull together a very last minute scary school girl look.

What I love about this look is how easy it is to achieve. I didn’t spend any money and most people will have a skirt and shirt sitting in their wardrobe that is perfect for this outfit. With hair, make up and accessories it actually looks really good considering it’s quite basic!

I threw my hair into some bunchies and added a choker to give me that old-school look. Fake blood is essential because it actually makes you look half scary so I went to town with that haha. (If you can’t find fake blood just use a dark red lip gloss, it looks exactly the same.) Lastly, I added my tights from my Charlotte’s Web Halloween costume last year and wore some heeled chelsea boots and I was ready to go.

Unfortunately our night didn’t quite go to plan because we couldn’t even get into the club it was so busy but at least we managed to get some nice instas. hahaha

Scariest school girl you’ve ever seen




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