So last year I wrote a post of my 2017 new year resolutions and I am happy to say I have achieved nearly all of them. If I am totally honest there is 3 on there that I need to work on more this year which is to save more, rely on my phone less and drink more water but I think I’ve done pretty well! The main thing I shocked myself with in 2017 was joining the gym which is actually going quite well so here are a few more things I want to achieve by the end of 2018:

I’m not even joking, I’ve been reading Harry Potter for about 3 years now and although I’m half way through the Half-Blood Prince I hadn’t picked it up for several months up until Christmas. Reading again has reminded me how much I love Harry Potter and just reading in general. I feel like I’m always looking at a screen so it’s nice to escape.

I absolutely love capturing special moments and last year I tried to as much as possible. I have so much to look back on that makes me so happy. This year I want to do exactly the same but also get more pictures printed so I can put it in my giant photo album because I’m yet to put anything in it.

Having this blog is a lovely outlet and last year I struggled with posting the things I wanted. My main aim for this blog was always to be a fashion blog with a bit of lifestyle and travel which I can write about alongside doing my Journalism course to give me more experience. The problem with having a fashion blog, is it’s sometimes v hard to be able to get pictures of outfits due to needing someone to photograph you and finding nice backgrounds but I am going to try extra hard to get more outfit posts up in 2018.

Like I said, I actually joined a gym and I have been loving it! Really, I want to just stay motivated and keep trying new stuff while I’m there because it’s so encouraging when you notice changes. However, I have been slacking at Taekwondo and with my next goal being fourth dan I need to start putting in the work to achieve it. I absolutely love the sport and uni has got in the way a bit but I am going to try and attend when I can because it’s also a great stress relief and I love seeing everyone there.

This makes me v stressed but I’ve already put SO much work into trying to achieve this so I am just going to continue and hope for the best.

Lisbon was absolutely amazing last year and if I can visit somewhere new again this year and have just as much fun I’ll be so happy.



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